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Exams and coursework can feel simple if you study hard using our model. Find out more!

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Students using The EverLearner

score 51 % better

than the students that don’t use it. See the chart.

The EverLearner Student
I access learning from anywhere and I am not reliant on my teacher to tell me what to do. I learn in the classroom and from any other location. I am skilled, resilient and I always choose to learn.
The NeverLearner Student
I access learning when my teacher tells me to. I do what I'm told and learn when I'm made to. I'm not too curious. My teacher is happy with me when I hit my target grade or if I choose to behave in class.
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The Classroom is Changing:
It's time to embrace the new model

The EverLearner proposes a new vision for the prevailing classroom model where all students progress at their own pace and learning is entirely owned by the student. Explore our model below.

Learners study self-paced tutorials by the best teachers in the world, complete quick practice and test quizzes to stretch their knowledge and sit online tests bespoke to them and their needs.
Quiet Study
Learners work with paper-based resources including problem sets, worksheets and example test questions. Students research from books and publications and make magnificent notes.
Learners work on topics they are stuck on. A teacher or peer supports them one to one and is available to explain key concepts. Mastery deficits are filled and students progress to the next level.
Learners build models, draw, debate, construct and play games. Practical investigations are conducted and students collaborate to Kagan-style structures. This zone is all about experimenting with ideas and developing intuition.

Blended Learning

Our 5k classrooms are blending the best of the physical space with the best of the online environment. Blended and humanistic learning is available to all via The EverLearner.

Study at your own pace

Learners can study self-paced in the classroom, at home or even on the bus. Our classroom is available everywhere, enabling learning at different rhythms by different learners. Isn't this how it should be?

Track progress

Learners and educators receive live, volatile data to act upon to ensure that the learning experience never falters. We provide you industry-leading data about "progress over time" without you lifting a finger.

Practice makes perfect

Repetition is crucial to encoding to and decoding from the long term memory. Our practice environments are endlessly available to learners and they can choose to switch between practice and test mode assessments at any moment.

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