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Boost Grades.
Save Time.

Love Teaching.

Give your students access to exam-board specific tutorials, thousands of self-marking questions and razor-sharp analytics to help them understand where they are excelling and where they are struggling. Teachers receive powerful insights into student understanding and set automated assignments for individual students, classes or whole cohorts.

What is The EverLearner?

The EverLearner radically improves learning. With exam-board specific tutorials, self-marking questions and razor-sharp reporting, students can be sure that they are fully prepared for their exams and that every gap has been recognised and addressed. Teachers dramatically reduce their workload through automated marking, assignments and data reporting, freeing up time for more valuable interactions with students.


Exam-board specific tutorials teach students everything they need to succeed with no corners cut. Lessons are focussed on developing a deep understanding of specific content.

Online Note-Taking

Students bookmark high-quality, online notes against specific teaching moments, creating a robust record of what has been learned.

Practice Mode

Low-stakes quizzing in a pressure-free environment. With no time limits and lesson notes available, this is a formative space for students to learn and grow.

Test Mode

A test environment where students prove what they have learned and practised. Time-restricted, with no notes available and with high-quality feedback after every question.


End-of-unit summary tests. Interleaved questions from a range of lessons taken in an exam-style format. Detailed diagnostic feedback available to both student and teacher once the last question has been submitted.


Set personalised homework and classwork in under 30 seconds. The EverLearner provides the content, the notifications and the marking, and delivers it all into a beautiful markbook.

Progress Tracking

Razor-sharp diagnostic feedback for students, teachers, course managers and school leaders. Live scores, completion rates, homework marks, time spent studying and progress over time provided at every level.


Teacher-student communication in and outside of the classroom. Know what students need help with before you step into your classroom.

Automated Markbook

Always up to date, your markbook reflects student performance with no input from the teacher. Teachers respond to a rich data stream without producing a single number.

See what our users say about
The EverLearner

“The EverLearner has been highly beneficial to me. I like being able to walk into the room already knowing what I want to do. Having the ability to get feedback in an instant is very helpful and having the teacher moving around the room giving personalised feedback is amazing.”

Ed Gibbins (U6 student)

“Our ALPs thermometer grading in the last 18 months has risen dramatically and we are now firmly amongst the top performing subjects in our very academic and high performing school.”

Tim Brown (Head of PE at Bishop Luffa)

“The in-depth video lessons, often 5 to 10 minutes in length, allow students to learn at their own pace, clarify knowledge taught to them previously or check in to specific sections identified as knowledge gaps from The EverLearner-produced data.”

Alex Buhagiar (Head of PE and Activities at Epsom College)

“I really like that I can access videos at my own leisure and keep retesting myself on the EverLearner. I really enjoy lessons because we are able to do lots of fun activities and group work.”

Jack (Year 10 student)

“Previously, where students would struggle to retain knowledge, they are now able to recall information more readily thanks to the impact of The EverLearner. The grades have significantly improved in GCSE PE Paper 1 since we started using The EverLearner.”

Heather Lane (Teacher of PE and DSSN Coordinator at Devizes School)

The EverLearner Benefits

Teacher Benefits

Benefits for Teachers

  • Save time.
  • Gain valuable insights.
  • Set relevant homework in seconds.
  • Use lesson time more effectively.
Student Benefits

Benefits for Students

  • Boost grades.
  • Never miss homework.
  • Identify areas to improve.
  • Access teaching at any time.

Impact of The EverLearner

60% completion of high-quality online tuition leads to 1.8 times expected growth.
  • A study of 173 teachers and 10,500 students during the 2013-14 school year found that students who complete 40% of high-quality tutorials score on average 1.5 times higher than expected, and those who complete 60% of the online tutorials score an average of 1.8 times higher than expected.
  • provides unlimited access to high-quality online courses and tuition by the very best teachers.
1.5x 40%
1.8x 60%
Completion of online tutorials within a course
Traditional classroom
The EverLearner
Answers which receive feedback
High-quality feedback leads to eight months’ additional progress over a year.
  • Research evidence about feedback was part of the rationale for Assessment for Learning (AfL). One evaluation of AfL indicated an impact of half of a GCSE grade per student per subject is achievable.
  • features over 15,000 high-quality questions, each with specific and immediate feedback.
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The EverLearner

The EverLearner provides the opportunity to change what happens in your classroom. Use The EverLearner as a homework tool, a flipped-learning platform or as part of a fully blended classroom. The EverLearner provides the tools and support to radically improve student outcomes and the teacher experience. Save time. Boost grades. Love teaching.

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